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  1. The Imum Coeli and your genetic psychology.
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  4. Bottom of the Sky: The Meaning of Your Chart's Imum Coeli

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The Imum Coeli and your genetic psychology.

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Therefore, it describes your way of self-presentation, outer personality, physical body, vitality, independence, whether and how you express personal initiative to establish personal identity. With a strong 1st house, your presence is quite impressive.

Common section

Planets in your 1st house are archetypes that strongly play themselves out in your personality, and you might be quite identified with those archetypal themes. The 2 nd House. Your values, possessions, assets and skills physical , mental and spiritual ones , what you own and how you relate to possessions and mundane security, how you earn money and what the material plane means to you, how you manifest and use your resources for your own and for the greater benefit. The 3 rd House. How you experience intellectual stimuli through communicating, ideas, socializing. How you learn, your adaptability, versatility, variety, and interchange with others.

Your contact with your immediate environment and random encounters with neighbors, relatives, 'people in the street'. It describes how flexible and interested you are in 'speaking their language' and relating to their mentality. With a strong 3rd house, you might be buzzing around, multi-task, multi-stream and enamored with the mind. The 4 th House. The 5 th House. Your way of creative self-expression through play, fun, taking risks, hobbies, entertainment, romance and falling in love could it be with your own creativity and playfulness?

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People with 5th house emphasis tend to be very entertainment, children and play oriented, yet the character of the planets in the house describe which 'players' come out when 'the game is on'. The 6 th House. Every master starts as an apprentice, and when you have a strong 6th house, you are humble enough to know that you need to practice daily, in order to apply your knowledge in a helpful way towards others' and your own well being. The 7 th House. The 8 th House. How inner growth happens in your life through deeply transformational processes and crises, especially via deep involvement with people close to you; the death-rebirth experience on all levels; sexuality, death; sharing and merging of your resources in marriage and intimate relationship; the power to make changes in your life, how you use power.

With a strong 8th house, you might be drawn to taboos and intense situations that have a thrill and potential of deeply changing you, so that you experience yourself as Phoenix out of the ashes! The 9 th House. What gives your life and also the 8th house processes meaning: Philosophy, religion, your approach to finding your truth and forming a worldview, ideals and beliefs; how you gain perspective through traveling to foreign countries, how you expand your horizon through studying, higher education, your social adeptness.

Understanding the MC-IC Axis - The Real Astrology Academy

Or they are notorious travelers, cosmopolitans and 'nomads', questing for greener pastures as soon as they seem to have settled. The 10 th House.

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Therefore, it describes your relatedness to your life purpose, career, profession and self mastery; how you set goals and go after them; achievements, recognition, social status and reputation; how you relate to and play a part in society, authorities and positive or negative role models in your life, including the forming influence from your parents in that respect. The 11 th House. Your self chosen group involvement, projects and common objectives with like-minded spirits, co-creation, friendships, clubs, social activities outside of family and career, how you contribute and synchronize to a chosen ideal or vision.

Bottom of the Sky: The Meaning of Your Chart's Imum Coeli

How you would like to see a 'better future for humanity' and how you go about that. Strong 11th house people tend to be very socially engaged and need to contribute to the spirit and cause of the activities they co-promote. They are believers in the synergistic principle "the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts". The 12 th House.

The end - and beginning of a new cycle! The individual signs and planets that fall in all those 12 houses colour your life experience in unique ways.